The Giant Manta is a mystical and illusive creature. Impressive up close, and obviously intelligent, they rarely seem threatened by the sea life that surrounds them. Both the Giant Mantas and their fun relatives, the Mobula rays, (these are the ones that love to jump high out of the water making a large smacking sound as they belly-flop the ocean surface), convey a sense of serenity as they move smoothly through ocean shallows. In some ways, the Giant Manta is similar to a whale shark; they are both massive gentle giants that cause no harm to humans, and they both cover large oceanic distances filtering tropical seas for plankton.

Unknown to most, the Giant Manta, has a huge brain. It is the smartest fish in the sea, and they are widely believed to be self-aware. Although shy, they sometimes display a curiosity of humans. If not threatened, they are known to swim in wide circles around those showing a benign interest in them. They glide through warm seas seemingly oblivious to the struggles of other sea life. They appear both majestic and magical, with enormous wing spans of twelve to twenty feet in width, and they weigh in at up to two tons, and more! 


For years, the only way one could hope to experience the Giant Manta in the wild, at least in the Western Hemisphere, was to do a week long liveaboard scuba cruise to the Socorro Islands, about 250 miles offshore of Cabo San Lucas, or fly to the Galapagos Islands some 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador. But now, as the video above clearly demonstrates, some large Manta’s are returning to their former habitat at a seamount and reef on the inside Sea of Cortez. Here we found them last year moving through shallow waters suitable for both snorkeling or scuba. They are out of the way of our other nautical activities, so it takes a bit longer than going to Isla Espiritu Santo island. There seemed to be about a dozen of them last year. We are anxious to see what this season brings. We expect them to hang around their ancient homeland reef for about 4 ½ months.

Returning guests will already know, that we are an eco-friendly service provider. We are very careful to not harm or disturb corals, reefs, and especially endangered species. And, although we do catch fish from time to time for immediate preparation by our on-board chef. We do not fish near reefs or protected areas. What we do is very low impact on the environment. We are primarily focused on educating and observing, and when available, and not detrimental, interacting directly with sea life. We will not anchor around the sea mount and reef areas, but rather free float, so as to not take the chance of damaging anything under water.


Boat Info

Captain, engineer, hostess, and chef

Chef prepared meals

Sodas and beer

Open bar

Full array of safety equipment

Powered dinghies

Two paddle boards

Two kayaks

Snorkel gear in various sizes

Portable seats, layout cushions, outdoor pillows and beach awnings.

Comfortable indoor and outdoor seating and lay-out areas

Full galley-kitchen

Inside air conditioning

Sleeps 9 in 4 cabins

Master Queen Salon, VIP Queen Salon, Double bunk cabin, Triple bunk cabin

Additional sleeping arrangements available

4 complete bathrooms

Space for up to 60 day-time guests

Swim steps and stainless ladder for easy access to water

Ice and purified water

Beach towels

Our Crew

Click Below to Meet our Crew

Tour Details


The Giant Manta arrives late July and leaves in October or early November. Mobula Rays, aka: Devil Rays and Jumping Rays, arrive in their millions twice a year. April - July & November - January


Pacifica 96’ triple-deck cruising yacht


Ground transportation, chef, meals, bottled water, sodas, beer, open bar, marine biologist, snorkel equipment, separate snorkel boat and certified helmsperson, paddle boards, kayaks, and sports fishing.


One full extended day, or two days and one night.


Four cabins: nine beds and bunks
Additional potential sleeping areas: Main salon, bow, mid-deck stern, top deck, 4 bathrooms with showers


Five crew members minimum, plus additions as guest count requires. Scuba personnel are extra, when this option is selected.



6:30 am

Ground transportation from the greater Cabo area.


8:30 am

Welcome aboard the triple-deck, 96’, cruising yacht, Pacifica. The Bar will be open for snorkelers in modest amounts. Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, Beer, Margaritas, sodas, bottled water, coffee, etc., are all available at no charge. Scuba divers must refrain from alcohol until finished with their dives. There are multiple lay-out areas on Pacifica, and numerous places to relax and enjoy the incredible views as you begin your cruise.


9:00 am

A nautical narration tour as we head out towards La Reina reef. Breakfast will be served, followed by a main salon video, lecture, and Q&A, on the amazing sea life of the local area, given by our marine biologist.


9:30 am

Once clear of the channel, crew will rig sports fishing rods with lures for the trip out to the reef. Land a legal, edible fish, and we will turn it over to the chef for preparation as ceviche, fish tacos, or fillets.


9:50 am

For the scuba certified that have opted for a scuba package, a separate dive boat will join Pacifica after we pass Pichilingue bay. Divers will board the dive boat and speed away to the sea mount and reef where the Mantas were in force last year.


10:30 am

Pacific turns the corner on the peninsula and cruises past Tecolote Beach, snorkelers will board Echo for the run to the Giant Manta’s playground.


11:30 am

Snorkelers in the water at the reef with a certified guide and a certified and licensed snorkel boat helmsperson. Scuba divers will also be in the water by this time under the supervision of a separate dive boat, dive master, and certified helmsperson.


2:00 pm

A grilled lunch will be served. For those who wish, they may return to the water for another hour after lunch. Perhaps this is a good time to visit the year-round sea lion colony that lives on the end of the reef at the sea mount.


3:00 pm

Day snorkelers will board Echo for a trip to a beautiful white sand beach, where their ground transport will meet them. Day scuba divers will do the same from the separate dive boat. Those continuing on for a special evening at anchor at a beach, cove, or bay of Holy Spirit Island, will depart the reef for the island, aboard Pacifica. Echo will rendezvous with Pacifica.


5:00 pm

Overnight guests will have paddle boards, and kayaks set out at the beach, bay, or cove, that Pacifica’s captain believes the best for spending the night. This is based primarily on winds and currents. Guests may explore the beach or beaches, have a crew member cruise them about on Echo for sight-seeing and touring larger areas, swim, snorkel, lay-out, use the paddle boards, etc.


6:00 pm

Cocktail hour, pre-dinner snacks, study the amazing views in all directions, stake out your place on the top deck, bow or stern, for watching the sunset later in the evening.


9:30 pm

A high quality dinner is served. Literally, everyone loves our chef. In the photo beside this itinerary, you will see chef Jon surrounded by girls that were previously yelling at him for making them gain weight on a recent trip. Seriously. Not kidding. Depending upon the time of summer, the sun will begin to set within the hour. The sunsets in and around these islands are simply breath-taking. Usually, the next hour or so, are so impressive it is hard not to fall in love with our inside Sea.


8:30 pm

About this time of the evening, one of the crew will lower lights to illuminate the water around Pacifica. Typically, within an hour or so, there will be dozens of Mobula rays charging in to investigate the light.  They swirl about dancing in the sea. A very impressive sight and alone well worth the trip. About this time, the vessel’s generator will be shut down for the night. Lights for the evening hours will come from our large house batteries.


10:00 pm

Lights out. Settle in for the night.


7:00 am

Breakfast is served. Look around your quiet beach, bay, or cove, for one last time as the anchor will be coming up for a leisurely return cruise.


12:30 pm

Return to dock and prepare to disembark. Your ground transportation will be standing by to whisk you away on your return to civilization. However, we will make a stop in the art and beach community of Todos Santos on the return trip. A bathroom break, and stop for souvenirs at the Hotel California of the musical Eagles group mythology, is your last stop before returning to your hotel, or resort.


One Day Cruise

$ 465 per person
  • plus tax

  • Snorkel only
  • All-Day, All-inclusive cruise, aboard the 96' Cruising Yacht Pacifica


$ 895 per person
  • plus tax

  • Snorkel only
  • All-day, all-inclusive, plus one night until 2 PM the day following.

Catamaran Option

$ 395 per person
  • plus tax

  • Snorkel only
  • All-Day, All-inclusive cruise, aboard spacious 60' sailing catamaran         

Age Requirements

Minimum age is six years old. Children must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

Fitness Considerations

Strong swimming ability is normally NOT required. However, only guests that are reasonably fit and healthy with good balance, should enter the water at the reef. If you are not strong enough to manage your weight getting into and out of the water on a stainless-steel boat ladder, it is best to stay in the boat and simply watch from there.


To scuba at La Reina Reef you must be Open Water certified.

Scuba Equipment Rental

There is a $189.50 charge per diver for equipment rental, tanks, and separate dive boat with Dive Master and certified captain. Four divers minimum. 


We Sponsor


Mar Libre

is a non-profit, conservation and educational program focused on the restoration of reefs and mangroves in the Sea of Cortez. This is a volunteer organization with NO PAID personal. Each month, RNAM coordinates, directs, and participates in cleaning beaches, reefs, sea lion colonies, and mangroves. Volunteer marine biologists, divers, surfers, kayakers, paddle board enthusiasts and ocean lovers of every type, participate in these projects. Baja Cat is a RNAM sponsoring partner, providing funding, resources and personal, in support of these worthy projects.


Cabo Pulmo Reef Preservation

In 1995, an underwater national park was formed by the Mexican government at the request of the fishing families of the tiny village of Cabo Pulmo. Since then, no fishing or anchoring has been allowed. The reef sprung back to life in an amazing way. Fish returned, spawned, and grew to maturity in huge numbers, along with turtles, dolphins, sea lions, and sharks. Coral and sea life have become incredibly abundant. In addition to the fee Baja Charters pays to the National Park for every guest who visits with us, we also make a donation to the Cabo Pulmo Welcome Center for reef preservation for each of our customers. 


Leave No Trace

Baja Charters is a contributing partner to the Leave No Trace association, and actively promotes its outdoor ethics programs.


Rescatando Nuestros Arrecifes y Manglares

Environmental education. In addition to “hands-on” clean up, RNAM, provides marine science educational instruction in schools throughout Baja Sur. Recently, over 1,000 students were taught how to preserve habitat and reduce pollution in a single month. Baja Charters provides resources and direct experiential interaction for teachers and professors supporting environmental instruction and hosts an annual all day private charter for the top-performing 25 educators in this area.


Project Aware

Project AWARE is a global movement for ocean protection powered by a community of adventurers. We connect the passion for ocean adventure with the purpose of marine conservation to create lasting change. Baja Charters has adopted a snorkel and dive site for continual clean-up and preservation.


Los Cabos Humane Society

Los Cabos Humane Society rescues and finds homes for dogs and cats. Don't buy, adopt! 

Contact & Location

Baja Charters Office - La Paz
Captains Marina Bar

214-974-0501 (English Only)
(52) 624-128-5666 (Spanish, English, German)
(52) 612-152-9940 (English)

Captains Sunset Bar & Restaurant & Dock 5


Driving Instructions From Cabo to La Paz

Coming from anywhere along the Cabo corridor, the easiest way to Marina Palmira is to take Highway 1 to Todos Santos. Go around Todos Santos via the Bypass road and continue on to La Paz. If you are coming from Los Barriles, take the road to La Paz, it will merge into the main road coming from Cabo.

When you reach La Paz, continue on the main road. It’s a few miles to downtown. Keep going and turn left at 5 February. Proceed straight towards the bay. At the last signal turn right. You are now on Alvaro Obregon, the road along the bay, which in about a mile will run parallel to the beach and bay. This area is known as the Malecon. (The "Malecon," in any Spanish-speaking country, means roughly: the esplanade along the water’s edge.)

Continue along the beach road about two miles passing through the remarkable waterfront area, until you see Marina Palmira on your left. At this point, the road has just divided into four lanes. Take the first turn across the green bicycle lane in the middle of the road. If you miss the turn, go slightly past the marina and take the one-lane turnaround and head back to the first entry area. There are three entries into the marina. The first one you come to is the closest to the boat. Technically, you can go into any of them, park and walk to the dock, but it is quicker to go back to the first entry area and double back, park in front of the Marine Waterfront Hotel, and walk straight through their complex to Captains Marina Bar. (It takes less than a minute.) It is directly across from the Dock 5 gate. Captains’ Marina Bar, is a Baja Charters facility where we meet with guests before boarding.

The parking is free in front of the hotel and at the south end of the marina. All the parking around the marina is safe and well protected.

About Us

Yacht Charters, Excursions, Liveaboard

Baja Charters provides PREMIER Private Charters, Public Excursions, and Liveaboard exploratory cruises. Five-star rated we are NOT a typical tour company. We provide a private yacht experience with first class service and amenities. No one does it like we do for anything close to our prices.

Guests visit beautiful isolated locations experienced by only the fortunate few. Baja Charters provides ALL INCLUSIVE cruising to remote coves and beaches on the inside Sea of Cortez. This is the area famously known as the World’s Aquarium. According to Nature.Org, the inside Sea of Cortez is the second most biologically diverse marine environment on the planet. An intimate cruise features snorkeling with an array of tropical fish over shallow tropical reefs, swimming with sea lions, or whale sharks in season, strolling remote beaches, exploring, paddle boarding, kayaking, scuba, etc.

Baja Charters provides quality chef-prepared meals on board with an open bar, served by a skilled and educated crew. A marine biologist is typically your hostess and snorkel leader. Everything is included: snorkel gear, wet suits, kayaks and paddleboards, along with an assist boat for getting up close to sea life in its natural environment. Reef-friendly sunscreen, bottled water, beer, sodas, and a variety of snacks are all provided, along with private bathrooms, fresh towels, and private showers. Join us, for the Experience of a Lifetime.

Listed below are a number of websites addressing various nautical adventures.


Come Sportfishing with us!

As we all know, the fishing doesn't get any better than Baja. Our captain knows where the fish are and our Sportfisher is equipped for one heck of a good time. What are you waiting for? Give us a call!


Life was made for this

The Aquarium of the World awaits! Let's go! Baja Pacifica and crew are ready. Come swim in the abundant waters of the Sea of Cortez and interact with sea lions, turtles, manta rays, giant mantas, dolphins and a whole cast of friendly colored fish.


Enjoying every second

Charter our most popular yacht! And it's popular for a reason. Boasting a ton of space to hang out, both indoors and outdoors, Baja Cat, let's you breathe! Come play, explore, or just sit back and take it all in! 

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